About the Festival

Each year, in late June and early July, Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival, the biggest festival of fantasy and genre films in the region, brings film treats to all the film enthusiasts and fans of the fantasy and genre films!

Over as many as eleven festival days, fans of science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, action, psychological dramas, horror films and anime, among other things, will be able to enjoy a number of the latest, intriguing films, as well as iconic genre classics made by renowned authors.

Year after year, the growing film program draws festivalgoers to the most attractive film venues in Zagreb. For instance, it was the Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival that reopened the long-forgotten Tuškanac Open-Air Theater after forty long years. This gem lies in the heart of a forest, a ten-minute walk from the city center, boasting a mystical atmosphere perfect for enjoying fantasy films. Night after night, the Tuškanac Open-Air Theater attracts an army of film enthusiasts to screenings in stunningly beautiful natural surroundings. Seeing as the venue is a true oasis in nature, festivalgoers can attend the screenings together with their dogs; anyone who brings their dog with them gets a free ticket (1 dog – 1 human)! This year, along with the Tuškanac Open-Air Theater, the films featured at the 9th Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival will also be screened at the Tuškanac Theater, from July 3 until July 7.

We wanted to give Zagreb not only a prominent genre film festival but also its first open-air film festival, and to allow the city to become one with the festival through a number of attractive screenings and side events. We have thus enriched Zagreb’s cultural and tourist offer, at the same time highlighting its fantastic open-air venues!

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